Effective Penis Enlargement Method

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Can penis extenders really benefit men? Using penis extenders enlarge the penis naturally over time. It is a recognized method of enlarging the penis.

A penis extender is inserted into the penis to stretch it for several hours every day. This device has fared well in a number of scientific tests. Penis extenders can also be used along with other penile enlargement methods like enhancement pills and exercises.

Stretching Can Increase Penile Size

Penis extenders are designed to constantly stretch the penis for long hours.

This causes the breakdown of penile tissues. The body would then regenerate larger tissues that are more resistant to force. Stretching also increases the blood flow into the penis. As a result, the penis achieves maximum erection.

Since this method brings about cellular regeneration, the result is permanent. Penile tissues end up being larger to adapt to the constant stress applied by the device. Penis enlargers work like the string of necklaces used by Burmese women long ago, which lengthened their neck. Although stretching body parts brings permanent results, it could only be effective if used continuously in the long run.

Clinical Tests on Penis Extenders

A study published on the British Journal of Urology looked into the effectiveness of penis extenders. Men who used the device gained as much as 32% in penis size or 0.9 inch in natural state. Men may need to wait for 6 months to see the results. Nevertheless, the results are impressive.

A separate study conducted in 2002 by the International Journal of Impotence Research showed that the percentage of penile size increase was relative to how long a penis extender was used. Thus, the longer a penis extender is worn, the larger the penis would grow.


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