Why Are Youngsters More Prone to Contract Genital Warts?

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 They are dragging themselves into unsafe sex practices due to their promiscuous nature. This casual nature has come from the thinking that youngsters want to do what they like and do not want to follow footpaths of the older generations. Condoms and other preventive measures are always seen as barrier to the pleasure of sex by youngsters. But the fact is that apart from protecting you from sexually transmitted infections (STIs), condoms can also provide you the same sexual pleasure, in fact some condom types can provide more pleasure. 

Today, we live in a society that is more sexually aware than a society a decade ago. But when it comes specifically to awareness about sexual health and contagious infections associated with sex, despite a pretty good understanding among people, the rates at which Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are soaring, it’s shocking. So a proper message has to be conveyed to the society regarding taking precautionary measures to control the spread of STDs such as genital warts. However, the positive thing that has come out of all this is overexposure of media to the society. This has helped people in a real way regarding the awareness about STDs and the dire risks associated with unprotected sex. 

Risk of STDs in youngsters 

Unawareness of precautionary measures to avoid STDs/STIs in young generation is also one of the prime factors contributing to the upsurge of infection rates. Some of the common skin infections that can spread through unprotected sex are viral, bacterial protozoan, fungal or parasitic infections. Genital warts are one of the most common viral skin infections. It is caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). Genital warts appear as small and fleshy growths on the genital and anal areas in both men and women. Itching, pain, and inflammation are some of the symptoms associated with genital warts. It spreads via skin to skin contact or unprotected sex with an infected partner or having sex with multiple partners. In case of HPV, the symptoms can become visible month or even years after getting the infection. Being caused by a virus, it is an incurable condition, but it can be treated to control outbreak. 

How to treat genital warts 

Dermisil Warts is a lotion made up of natural plant extracts and can help in effectively treating genital warts. As you apply the lotion on the affected areas, the anti-viral plant extracts penetrate into your blood stream and target the HPV virus without causing pain or scars. Dermisil also prevent further outbreaks. It is one of the most effective treatments known for genital warts treatment. Wartrol Genital Warts Relief is another homeopathic formula can be applied orally and directly to affected areas for effective management of genital warts. 

There are also other sprays and ointments available on the market which can be used for genital warts treatment. But if you develop skin sensitivity to some of these products, you may feel skin irritation. Therefore, it is advised to read about the product’s ingredients and do a patch test before using it. Another option of getting rid of genital warts is the physical removal of warts. But this might give you jitters as it is a very painful procedure. You should resort to gels, lotions, and creams to ward off this infection in an effective way. You should always practise safe sex in order to prevent the risk of other STDs or skin infections. 

As confidence plays a major role for many people indulging in sex, skin infections such as genital warts can cause embarrassing sexual experience and diminish your confidence levels.


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Genital warts appear as small and fleshy growths on the genital and anal areas in both men and women. GETTING RID OF GENITAL WARTS.

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