Watch out! Affected Vulnerable Girls Masturbation Cervical Cancer

Posted by hidup sehat On Thursday, October 27, 2011 0 comments
Masturbation unhealthy behavior turns out to be one factor that causes cervical cancer. "This is because many are less concerned with personal hygiene. Eg masturbation and unknowingly carry the bacteria or viruses to the sex organs "explains sexologist dr. Thamrin Ryan in a press conference in Jakarta Shine With Charm.

He said if the bacteria or virus that enters the bearer type of cervical cancer, no doubt she will be attacked by a deadly disease for these women. "For that always keep personal hygiene and couples especially about sex organs and always prioritize a healthy sex" he added.

In addition to personal hygiene, and healthy sex, women were also asked to always maintain the sex organs especially during menstruation. "As often as possible to change underwear or pads, and always keep the sex organs remain dry and clean can also be one of the efforts" explained Ryan again. This is due to indifference on the cleanliness of their own intimate organs which do women have become one of the main factors of a woman stricken with cervical cancer


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