Masturbation and onanism It Can Reduce Stress And Insomnia

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When the hormone increases and distribution needs, while perhaps a wife or husband is away or out of town assignment, masturbation or masturbation is often taken as a solution for some people. In fact, believed to be not a few who do it regularly. Masturbation is a sexual activity that intentionally performed on genital organs to obtain pleasure and sexual satisfaction. This stimulation can be performed without a tool or use something object or tool, or a combination thereof.
 Although based on religion, masturbation or masturbation is an activity that is prohibited, it turns out in terms of health, both physically and psychologically, both of these activities have benefited. What?
1. Boost the immune system and give strength or natural immunization against infection.
2. Help overcome insomnia. Most men are deliberately doing masturbation at night because it can make them sleep more soundly.

3. For women, it can reduce menstrual cramps and vaginal muscles.
4. Stimulate sperm reproduction, so the quality is better. Men who masturbate regularly every day, is believed to have better quality sperm than those who rarely do so.
1. Preventing stress and make the mood more stable. This is almost the same as having sex, which can stimulate the formation of sedative substances to the brain.
2. Reduce intemperance, because you are required to be patient when doing masturbation or masturbation.
3. Train cure premature ejaculation. Requirement is not in a hurry to reach orgasm and learn to recognize the limitations of stimulus that should not be exceeded.


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