Yeast Infections Complication in Women

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Yeast infections are often caused by existence of yeast that is present in low numbers in the vagina, digestive tract, skin, bowels or mouth. Pregnancy, antibiotics and frequent exposures to semen may lead to an overgrowth of these organisms that cause infection.

What is Yeast infection?
Vaginal yeast infection, also known as candidiasis is caused due to the overgrowth of an organism called candida albicans. The evidence of this kind of fungus is often found in vagina in small numbers.

How does one get a yeast infection?
Yeast infections are caused by an overgrowth of yeast that is often present in small quantities in the vagina. Pregnancy, antibiotics and frequent exposure to semen over a short period of time can all lead to an overgrowth of these organisms.


How Good is High Fiber Diet for Women

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"If a woman does not feel well, she will go to a doctor, but if a man is unwell, he will normally try and ignore it."

According to the Greek physician Hippocrates 'a wise man ought to realize that his health is his most valuable possession, unfortunately most men fail to take this advice seriously. The fact is that a man’s average life is shorter than that of a woman’s average life and for fifteen years of that life he can expect to be chronically ill.

A survey states that over a third of American men have not had a medical check up last year, while around nine million men have not visited a doctor in five years. These statistics are staggering. It is estimated that men make a 150 million fewer trips to the doctor than women, every year!

Researchers explain that this is very common in most men across the world. Most men feel that a visit to the doctor is a threat to their masculinity.

Added to this are fear, denial and embarrassment. Researchers believe that from a young age men are taught to hold their heads high and ‘get tough’. Admitting to pain or any other problems is seen as a confession to being weak and threatens male pride and machismo.

Some grim statistics
The majority of men are too heavy for their health: 45% are medically defined as overweight and an additional 17% as obese.
28% of men still smoke.
27% of men drink alcohol at a level that could be harmful to their health.
41% of all male deaths under the age of 75 are caused by circulatory diseases, the largest single cause of death. Of these deaths, over two-thirds are due to coronary heart disease. Each year, over 130,000 men of all ages die from circulatory diseases.
31% of all male deaths under the age of 75 are caused by cancer. Each year, over 124,000 men of all ages are newly diagnosed with cancer and over 80,000 die.
Prostate cancer is the most common cancer affecting men alone. The number of new cases diagnosed is expected to treble over the next 20 years.
The suicide rate among men is increasing. The rate has doubled among 15–24 year old men in the past 25 years.
Men are at Greater Health Risks than Women
Men are raised to be providers and caretakers, taking very little care of themselves and their health. As a consequence, before the age of 65 men are 2.5 times more likely to suffer from a heart attack than women, and one in three men will suffer from high blood pressure.


Traditional Medical Records vs Electronic Medical Records

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A paper patient record is recognized by name, serial, membership, reference or medical record number, and other identifiers that make it easier to find in the physical filing system. It takes long time to sort thousands of files, whenever patient or doctor requires checking previous medical history or updating the status of record. On other hand, an EHR provides dissimilar identifying information for each patient, and identifiers to locate the digital record among any number of records. Due to its digital nature, finding patient record is concern of merely seconds. 

If a paper chart is filed correctly in the medical records system, a staff member must go to the stacks of charts, using some quick identifier code. After matching the exact last name and first name, then the chart is "pulled" for desired review. Sometimes, a placeholder is inserted in stack, to make re-filing easier and for reference where the chart is headed. In this whole manual process, there is great potential of human mistake; any file can be lost easily due to slight negligence. An electronic chart is never lost, out, or misfiled because it is always exactly where it should be. An electronic record may be accessed from any point in a healthcare facility that has access to medical records. 

Safe Diets to Lower Cholesterol

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If you have high cholesterol and want to lower it, you may consider changing your diet. There is no shortage of diets on the market today to help you do this. 

You can lower your cholesterol by eating foods which include more plant-based foods. Foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes are great excellent substitutes for high cholesterol foods. Choose foods like cereals, breads, rice, pasta, and other grains, as well as dry beans and peas. These are high in starch and fiber and low in saturated fat and calories. These kinds of foods naturally contain a low amount of fat and cholesterol and should be added to your menu; but some bakery breads and sweet bread products that are made with high-fat, high-cholesterol milk, butter, and eggs should be consumed sparingly. 

Six to eleven servings of foods from this group each day is recommended. People who have a low HDL (the "good" cholesterol), should keep their carbohydrate intake below the maximum of 60 percent of total calories. Too many carbohydrates will force your liver to increase its production of cholesterol resulting in high cholesterol rather then decreasing the cholesterol in the blood. 

Incredible Smiles with Cosmetic Dentistry Possibilities

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Unbelievable Smiles with Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions 

If you are sad with the smile that you have, there is a little something that you can do about it. Nowadays, there are all varieties of fantastic selections for cosmetic dentistry and the methods will give you the smile that you want. Whilst there are all kinds of dentists that claim to be cosmetic dentists, nowadays all the way through the earth there are only 250 that are basically accredited as legitimate cosmetic dentists. If you want to get the ideal services, you require to discover just one of these dentists to enable you finish some of the methods that you may be hunting at. 

An individual of the most frequent cosmetic techniques done these days is teeth bleaching or teeth whitening this is a very simple and effortless way to get rid of stains on teeth. The most powerful way to bleach your teeth is to let a cosmetic dentist do it. Or else, you can really have your cosmetic dentist give you trays that are custom match for your mouth. With these trays, you will essentially have your dentist custom make trays to fit into your mouth and offering syringes of bleach gel that you use for about 2 hrs a day for a 3-four days at your very own convenience. This is a terrific technique to have completed and anything that will be reasonably low-cost in the entire world of cosmetic dentistry. 


Type Two Diabetes Symptoms

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Type II diabetes previously known as adult onset diabetes or non-insulin depended diabetes is really a metabolic dysfunction identified by insulin resistance by cells and reduced creation of insulin. This disorder lessens the body?s capacity to control blood sugar levels effectively resulting in an unusually high blood sugar level. Long-term health risks resulting from high blood sugar consist of: high risk of heart attacks, kidney failure, and amputation. Medical diagnosis of diabetes is generally executed by examining blood samples for elevated amounts of blood sugar. Both fasting as well as random glucose readings are reviewed for concussive analysis. There are 2 major examination that are conducted to determine which kind of Diabetes you may be suffering from. Usually the patient has to be in fast for a certain amount of time before the test being conducted. 

Type II diabetes is at first managed by life-style adjustments such as increasing physical activity and dietary modification however as the ailment advances medication and in certain cases a combination of anti-diabetic medication are usually necesary. The reason why a lot of people opt for the first two is because of the effectiveness of consuming a good diet. Patients that have recently developed the symptoms can feel significantly better by avoiding particular foods and increasing their physical exercise. 

Type II diabetes is usually attributable to life-style factors and inherited genes. Life-style factors associated with type II diabetes include things like lack of physical activity, unhealthy diet regime, smoking, unhealthy weight and alcohol dependency. Type II diabetes is also genetically transmissible. Having family members with type II diabetes increases the chance of acquiring type II diabetes very substantially. Though we can't control the second reason, we can certainly take care of the first. This simply means that in case you?ve had family members or close relatives who have suffered from the ailment, you may minimize your odds of being a victim by taking proper care of what you eat, maintaining a healthy diet, avoiding smoking cigarettes and alcohol and most critical working out regularly. 
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Blood and scientific facts

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Blood is the fluid found in all living things (except plants) that serves to send a high level of substances and oxygen needed by body tissues, carrying chemical products of metabolism, as well as the body's defense against viruses or bacteria. The medical term relating to the blood begins with the word hemo-or hemato-derived from the Greek Haima meaning blood.

In insects, the blood (or better known as hemolimfe) is not involved in the circulation of oxygen. Oxygen in the insect tracheal system be circulated through the ducts that channel air directly into the body tissues. Insect blood transports substances to the body tissues and remove metabolic waste materials.

In other animals, the main function of blood is to transport oxygen from the lungs or gills to body tissues. Hemoglobin contained in blood that serves as the binding of oxygen. In most invertebrates or invertebrates are small, the direct oxygen plasma to seep into the blood because the oxygen-carrying protein freely dissolved. Hemoglobin is the oxygen-carrying protein found in the most effective and vertebrate animals or vertebrates. Hemosianin, blue, containing copper, and is used by animals crustaceans. Squid using vanadium kromagen (light green, blue, orange or yellow).

Human blood

Human blood is a fluid tissue. Its main function is to transport oxygen required by cells throughout the body. Blood also supplies the body tissues with nutrients, transporting metabolic waste substances, and contain a variety of materials making up the immune system that aims to defend the body from various diseases. The hormones of the endocrine system is also circulated through the blood.

Human blood is red, the bright red when oxygenated to dark red when deprived of oxygen. The red color of the blood caused by hemoglobin, the protein breathing (respiratory proteins) that contain iron in the form of heme, which is where the bound oxygen molecules.

Humans have a closed circulatory system which means the blood flow in blood vessels and circulated by the heart. Blood is pumped by the heart to the lungs to remove metabolic waste in the form of carbon dioxide and absorb oxygen through the pulmonary artery, and then taken back to the heart via the pulmonary veins. After the blood was sent to the whole body by the blood vessels of the aorta. Blood circulate oxygen throughout the body via the blood subtle channels called capillaries. The blood is then returned to the heart through a vein and superior vena cava inferior vena cava.

Blood also transports metabolic waste materials, drugs and foreign chemicals to the liver to be degraded and the kidneys to be excreted as urine.

Facts about human blood

7% of human body weight is blood.
Blood consists of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets (platelets).
Human blood floating in yellow liquid called blood plasma. Blood plasma consists of 90% water and also consists of a variety of nutrients, electrolytes, gases, proteins, glucose and hormones.
Red blood cells are produced in the bone marrow and circulate throughout the body for 120 days.
White blood cells are the body's immune system is important. He was prevented from various bacteria, viruses, cancer cells, infections and others.
Platelets help blood clot in order to limit bleeding when our skin is injured. Blood clots can also have negative consequences, if clumping occurs in blood vessels and flow to the brain, can cause a stroke in humans.
If clumping flow to the heart it will lead to a heart attack.
In addition to the material flow an important ingredient for our body cells, blood also helps remove content that does not need our bodies.
Grouping of human blood types is a difficult process. Currently there are about 30 types of human blood (human blood group). We are more familiar with the system "ABO" a simpler system in which blood type is classified into O, A, B and AB. Already announcing friends blood type?
Many philanthropists donate blood each year. This blood is very important for the needy or created for research purposes.
Not everyone can donate blood. They should be checked first whether it has a disease that can be transmitted through blood.

The blood consists instead of a few types of corpuscles that form part of the blood of 45%, this figure hermatokrit expressed in value or volume of packed red blood cells which ranged from 40 to 47. 55% of the other sections in the form of a yellowish fluid that forms a liquid medium of the blood called blood plasma.

Blood corpuscles consist of:

Red blood cells or erythrocytes (about 99%).
Erythrocytes have no nucleus or organelles, and are not considered in terms of cell biology. Erythrocytes containing hemoglobin and distribute oxygen. Red blood cells also play a role in the determination of blood groups. People who suffer from deficiency anemia erythrocytes.
The fragments of blood or platelets (0.6 - 1.0%)
Platelets are responsible for blood clotting process.
White blood cells or leukocytes (0.2%)
Leukocytes are responsible for the body's immune system and served to destroy objects that are considered foreign and harmful by the body, such as viruses or bacteria. Leukocytes are amuboid or do not have a fixed shape. People who suffer from excess leukocyte leukemia, whereas people with low leukocyte leukopenia disease.
Composition of Blood. blood serum or plasma consists of:

Water: 91.0%
Protein: 8.0% (albumin, globulin, prothrombin and fibrinogen)
Minerals: 0.9% (sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, salts of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron, etc.)
Blood plasma is essentially an aqueous solution containing: -

blood clotting material
immunoglobulin (antibody)
various types of proteins
various types of salt

Injuries can cause severe blood loss. Platelets cause blood to clot, the wound is small, but large wounds should be treated immediately to prevent blood shortages. Damage to internal organs can cause severe injuries or hemorrhage.

Hemophilia is a genetic disorder that causes malfunctions in a person's blood clotting. As a result, minor injuries can be life threatening.

Leukemia is a cancer on the body-forming tissues of white blood cells. This disease occurs due to errors in white blood cell division resulting in increased white blood cell count and then eat a normal white blood cells.

Severe bleeding, either by accident or not (as in surgery), as well as blood diseases like anemia and thalassemia, which requires blood transfusion. Several countries have blood banks to meet the demand for blood transfusions. Blood recipients should have the same blood type with the contributor.

Blood also is one of the "vector" in the transmission of the disease. One example of a disease can be transmitted through blood is AIDS. Blood containing the HIV virus from an HIV-positive living things can be transmitted to other living things through touch between the blood with blood, semen, or body fluids of living things are. Because of disease transmission can occur through blood, blood-containing objects regarded as biohazard or biological threats.

In the interests of the diagnosis of disease, blood pressure has a very important role.

Detection of HIV, Easy and Cheap

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Professor Samuel Sia of Columbia University, New York, has found that HIV-detection tool production cost only Rp 9,000 and can provide accurate results, close to 100 percent. The tool was named mChip. The size of a credit card just so they can carry anywhere. mChip consists of 10 zones of detection, blood sample tubes, liquid silver, gold nanoparticles, and able to detect HIV and syphilis in 15 minutes.

To use mChip, users simply take a blood sample and enter it. The blood sample will flow through the tube into the detection zone. After that, the results will be disclosed in the form of colors making it easy to understand.

The idea of making is to develop a diagnostic test that can be accessed by the patient anywhere in the world, rather than forcing them to go to the clinic, taking blood samples and had to wait for days to get the results ..

This tool has been tested in Kigali, Rwanda. Accuracy test for HIV is 95 percent and 76 percent for syphilis. Looking ahead, Sia plans to test a tool to test the sexually transmitted disease in pregnant women in Africa.

With all the advantages mChip, HIV testing can be as easy and as cheap pregnancy test. It's just knowing the psychological impact of positive and negative HIV-certainly not the same as knowing the pregnancy. Should be considered if it could be sold freely later.

Masturbation and onanism It Can Reduce Stress And Insomnia

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When the hormone increases and distribution needs, while perhaps a wife or husband is away or out of town assignment, masturbation or masturbation is often taken as a solution for some people. In fact, believed to be not a few who do it regularly. Masturbation is a sexual activity that intentionally performed on genital organs to obtain pleasure and sexual satisfaction. This stimulation can be performed without a tool or use something object or tool, or a combination thereof.
 Although based on religion, masturbation or masturbation is an activity that is prohibited, it turns out in terms of health, both physically and psychologically, both of these activities have benefited. What?
1. Boost the immune system and give strength or natural immunization against infection.
2. Help overcome insomnia. Most men are deliberately doing masturbation at night because it can make them sleep more soundly.


Watch out! Affected Vulnerable Girls Masturbation Cervical Cancer

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Masturbation unhealthy behavior turns out to be one factor that causes cervical cancer. "This is because many are less concerned with personal hygiene. Eg masturbation and unknowingly carry the bacteria or viruses to the sex organs "explains sexologist dr. Thamrin Ryan in a press conference in Jakarta Shine With Charm.

He said if the bacteria or virus that enters the bearer type of cervical cancer, no doubt she will be attacked by a deadly disease for these women. "For that always keep personal hygiene and couples especially about sex organs and always prioritize a healthy sex" he added.

In addition to personal hygiene, and healthy sex, women were also asked to always maintain the sex organs especially during menstruation. "As often as possible to change underwear or pads, and always keep the sex organs remain dry and clean can also be one of the efforts" explained Ryan again. This is due to indifference on the cleanliness of their own intimate organs which do women have become one of the main factors of a woman stricken with cervical cancer

Keep the Heart of Hepatitis

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Hepatitis is a disease that membayakan if not treated immediately. Disease that attacks the liver or liver is increasingly dangerous because the symptoms are not always visible. Learn more about hepatitis can help you and your loved ones from this disease

The main function of the liver or liver is to filter out the toxins that exist in the blood. In addition, there are about 500 other functions of the liver. If someone is suffering from hepatitis, which is an inflammation of the liver or liver, it can destroy the person's overall health because the toxins remain deposited on the blood and destroy or disrupt the work of other organs. Another result is to reject the liver blood flow so that a high blood pressure and rupture of blood vessels.

Destruction of the day or liver function may be caused by a person consumes alcohol to excess or overload due to ingested poisons that work resulted in liver function and liver become damaged. However, in most cases, hepatitis is caused by a virus that is transmitted hepatitis patients.

There are 5 types of viral hepatitis are named in alphabetical order. The five viruses are hepatitis A (VHA), hepatitis B virus (HBV), hepatitis C virus (HCV), hepatitis D (VHD) and viral hepatitis E (VHE). Viruses are constantly evolving and even estimated at least there are still three more viruses that can cause hepatitis.

Viruses that infect most humans are HBV, causes hepatitis B. An estimated 1 in 3 people on Earth ever infected. About 350 million live with the virus settles in the body and potentially infect others. Approximately 78% of people with hepatitis befall the people of Asia and islands in the Pacific region. This virus caused the death of at least 600,000 people per year.


Symptoms of Hepatitis
Some common symptoms of hepatitis is soreness or pain in the right abdomen, weakness, nausea, fever and diarrhea. In some cases also found to be flu-like symptoms and jaundice which marked the skin and eyes look yellow. However, symptoms of hepatitis are not always apparent, especially in most cases that afflicts children.

The virus can move from one patient to healthy people. If a person's immune system is weakened, the virus will infect a healthy person's body. Although actually, the virus can be cleaned by human antibodies themselves if their immune system is good.


Hepatitis A
Hepatitis A virus commonly found in feces of patients. Viruses can live on water or ice cubes. The way the spread of this virus is due to drinking contaminated water VHA. It could also be due to eating foods that are not cooked properly so the virus remains alive on the food or because the person preparing the food are not used properly wash their hands beforehand, may be at hand when there is viral hepatitis A. Not washing hands after using the toilet also causes the virus exist in human feces is finally moving.


Hepatitis B
Transmission of hepatitis B virus (HBV) usually through blood or body fluids such as saliva, vaginal fluids, or semen into the bloodstream of healthy people. This is because hepatitis B present in the blood and body fluids. Blood transfusion, blood on the razor, dental care, nail scissors, syringes or needles used to make tattoos can move a small amount of blood infected with hepatitis virus. Even dried blood stains can infect others during the first weeks of the stick on an object. Another way the spread of this virus is carried away from the very womb of a mother who is infected and because of sex.


Hepatitis C
Pengindap hepatitis C is usually transmitted in a way that is almost the same as the transmission of hepatitis B, but in most people is a needle-stick.


Hepatitis handle
Initial treatment should be done immediately so that patients can be cured, because the slower it is handled, the virus will further damage the liver and even become cancerous. However, sometimes because they do not show obvious symptoms, most people do not realize that his body had already dwelt viral hepatitis and liver has become damaged.

Vaccinations can be given to someone to get antibodies from viral hepatitis A (VHA) and hepatitis B virus (HBV). However, for hepatitis C there is no vaccination to prevent it. While a person has not indicated this virus but the vaccine can prevent liver damage due to viral hepatitis symptoms may not begin until many years later. Particular vaccine should be given to children because their immune systems are weaker to clear hepatitis virus than adults.

If the condition of the liver was severely damaged, the choice is to perform liver transplants. However, it will be difficult because the donor heart that there are fewer than a waiting list of patients who need liver.

Patients with hepatitis should eat nutritious food and adequate rest so that the body is able to survive the virus and prevent the virus the more that will menggeroti health sufferers.

Nutrition and rest are good also to be met for all, because it could have without our knowledge, the virus infects and attacks the liver or liver. But, with a strong immune, the body will be able to handle this dangerous virus hepatitis.

Various Oil Rub
Warmth when topical ointments because ointments can dilate blood vessels in the skin surface. Because of this widening, the blood that flowed on the surface of the skin more and cause a sense of warmth that can ease the pain. Ointment can also relieve itching from insect bites.

You may be one of fans of traditional ointment Indonesia, and usually carry in your purse or your pocket. Here are some commonly used ointment, of what made and the composition of the material contained therein:

White Wood Oil
Origin: Ambon
Benefit: Eliminates flatulence, abdominal pain, warms the body.
Remedy: Derived from the leaves and twigs of eucalyptus plants. Contains eukaliptol, acetate ester, pinene and limonene.
Oil Hornet
Origin: Napier
Benefit: Eliminates itching caused by mosquito or other insect bites, treat wounds, bruises from the impact or for a massage.
Remedy: Made from coconut oil are added eucalyptus oil, pepper leaf, onion, ginger and turmeric.
Lawang Oil
Origin: Ambon and Papua
Benefits: Useful as body warmers. Warmth is produced warmer than oil or eucalyptus oil wasps. Usually used for patients with rheumatoid arthritis or for massage.
Remedy: It is not known definitely potion maker.
Telon Oil
Origin: Central Java
Benefits: Usually used in infants. Useful to warm the baby's body, preventing the flu and can provide a sense of calm in infants.
Remedy: Made from 3 types of oils of eucalyptus oil, fennel oil and coconut oil. Some manufacturers replace coconut oil with olive oil or lavender oil.
Oil Kasturi or Gondopuro
Origin: Various areas in Indonesia.
Benefits: Beneficial for treating sprains, aching rheumatic pain and reduce the itching from insect bites.
Remedy: Made from oil gondopuro.
Sandalwood oil
Origin: Java, NTT, and East.
Benefits: Usually used as aromatherapy and protects skin smoothness.
Remedy: Contains santalol, santalen, santenon, santalal, santalon and isovaleriladehida.
Pecan Oil
Origin: Various areas in Indonesia.
Benefits: The benefits to nourish hair, skin fasteners, and help overcome the respiratory disease. This oil can also ward off ultraviolet rays from the sun.
Remedy: The content contained in it is vitamin B6, vitamin E, thiamin, and phenolic antioxidants.
Clove oil
Origin: Various areas in Eastern Indonesia.
Benefits: Beneficial to warm the body and can be used fatherly relieve mild toothache.
Remedy: Made of clove oil contains eugenol to kill bacteria and fungi that cause pain.
Ointment made from the distillation of a variety of plant material that is added by the author solvent. Various plants of this penghasilnya distinctive odor, so that the kiss can be differentiated type.

Indonesia's rich variety of plants that can overcome the disease. One is the different types of oils that are familiar in the community. In order to avoid negative effects, use products that have been registered in BPOM. If oil is made traditionally and are not registered, you can test by rubbing on a small portion of skin on your hands. If the reddened skin or allergies, stop use of the ointment.

Yoghurt for Health

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Yoghurt (or yogurt, sometimes writing) which is also known as milk acid is the result of fermentation of milk. Yogurt itself contains two types of probiotics, namely lactobacillus and bifidobachterium. Thus, the manufacture of yogurt is not without reason, the nutrients found in yogurt is the reason why we need to consume them.

Yogurt or yogurt is a dairy product produced by bacterial fermentation of milk. Fermentation of lactose produces lactic acid which work on milk protein that makes yogurt more dense and has the texture and flavor. Generally the yogurt is made using cow's milk, but there are some also use soy milk yogurt.
Yogurt has been consumed for over 4500 years and has been famous around the world today. Yogurt contains good nutrition for health. Some of the benefits of yogurt are rich in protein, contain calcium, riboflavin, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12.

Benefits of Yogurt
Here are some of the benefits of yogurt for you:

Healthy digestion
Based on this research, yogurt can overcome various digestive problems such as diarrhea, colitis, colon cancer or lactose intolerance.
Reducing the risk of vaginal infections pda
Women who consume yogurt can reduce the level of acidity (pH) so as to reduce the development of fungal infections.
Lowering the risk of high blood
By consuming 2-3 servings of yogurt a day, can reduce the risk of high blood pressure.
Preventing osteoporosis
Because milk-based, then the yogurt contains calcium and vitamin D. Both of these substances can Formatting a person has osteoporosis.
Help us more satisfied
Calories contained in yogurt yogurt manjadikan foods that can help someone feel more full.

Yogurt for Lactose Intolerance Sufferers
Lactose intolerance is the body's inability to digest lactose, the sugar most in the milk. When a person consumes lactose found in milk and products like the bacteria in the large intestine convert lactose into lactic acid and carbon dioxide. Within 30 minutes, the general symptoms arise, which include nausea, muscle cramps, bloating, and diarrhea. What about yogurt is dairy products as well?

Yogurt contains lactose almost as much milk, but some people with lactose intolerance can digest without experiencing interference. Since yogurt contains microorganisms that synthesize lactase, and this helps the digestion of lactose. Yogurt is more easily digested by the body than milk.

Although it feels a little sour, but you can benefit through the yogurt. Currently, there are many products made from yogurt that add pleasure and taste of yogurt as well as a variety of frozen yogurt with fruit-flavored yogurt. Consumption of yogurt can make your body more healthy.

Know Your Yogurt
To recognize the various types of yogurt, how to make yogurt, and it is stored, as well as more familiar or froyo frozen yogurt, you can read on the following article: Know the Fermented Milk Yogurt.

Controlling Cholesterol Tips

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Cholesterol in the body can cause various diseases. High cholesterol is not only experienced by obese people, but people are skinny does not mean low cholesterol. It can also befall those who are still young. Among various age, must try to live a healthy lifestyle in order to keep the cholesterol in the blood remained normal.

There is fat in the body consists of so-called bad cholesterol, LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) in which fat can be attached to the blood vessels. While the good cholesterol known as HDL (High Density Lipoprotein) is the fat content of LDL that can dissolve in the body. Normal cholesterol in the body is 160-200 mg, then the buildup of LDL content must be prevented in order to remain in normal circumstances. Here are some tips so you can control the cholesterol in the blood.


Controlling Cholesterol Tips
Here are some tips you can do to control your cholesterol:

Consumption of foods that are low in fat and cholesterol. For example, by consuming milk without the fat and reduce the consumption of meat. Choose foods containing unsaturated fats than saturated fat content. The oil used for frying repeatedly can raise cholesterol levels, then you'll want to reduce the consumption of fried foods.
Consumption of fibrous foods
Consume more fiber foods such as wheat, beans, vegetables and fruits. These foods can absorb cholesterol in the blood and remove it from the body.
Consumption of antioxidants
Antioxidants found in many fruits such as oranges, strawberries, papaya, carrots, or squash. Eating garlic regularly can also reduce levels of cholesterol.
Avoid alcohol and smoking
With smoke or consume alcohol, it would be easy to accumulate cholesterol in the bloodstream.
Exercise regularly according to age and ability. Keep your body weight remains the ideal.

Healthy foods, be careful, dangerous or abstinence?
As mentioned above, food is an important thing that can cause cholesterol. The following table you can make reference to what foods you should eat or consumption can be reduced.

Glasses, Softlens or Lasik surgery for eyes?

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Eye as one of the five senses is essential for the body. With eyes, we can enjoy the beautiful scenery and see people we love. However, due to wrong use or due to congenital factors, can make the eye can not function optimally.

Various eye defects commonly encountered are nearsightedness, farsightedness, a cylinder. The most commonly used to overcome this is to use glasses. Along with the progress of time, many who use soft contact lens is placed directly on the lens of the eye. Or for those who do not like using glasses or soft contact lens, another option is to perform eye surgery lasik so you can return to normal function.

Each alternative has advantages and disadvantages. For those of you who want to try an alternative, you could consider the pros and cons of each so that they can choose according to need

If you choose glasses, you also have to choose lenses that will be used. Lenses are available in two options, namely glass and plastic lenses. The advantages of glass lenses are thinner, but more heavy and easily broken. While the plastic lenses are lighter and not easily broken, but rather thick and easily scratched.

This operation is performed by dissecting your eyes, fix your eyes in order to return to normal without the aid of glasses or softlens. In the early stages of this operation, you will be checked to determine your health. The next stage will be further investigation to determine the condition of the eye if the eye is able who conducted this operation or not.

Operations are performed only takes about 20 minutes and without suturing process, because the surgery is done using a laser. Surgery is performed to open the layers of the cornea, irradiation performed to repair damaged eyes, then closed again when the cornea will stick to itself without the need stitches.

In a period of healing after surgery, you need to really keep your eyes so that the operation is successful as expected. Eyes should remain protected by using protective eyewear. Eyes should not be exposed to water directly and have enough rest.

If you are interested to perform lasik surgery, and doctors make sure the place you choose is really able to do so to avoid further damage to your eyes.


Pay attention to your Plastic Use

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Plastics have become part of everyday life. Plastics have been a lot made into a variety of household items or for other uses. The cause of much use of plastic is the cheap price and not ruptured. Plastics are also often used as food containers. This can jeopardize our health if we are not careful look at the materials we use plastic. However, if we are a bit careful, we can tell if the plastic that we use is dangerous or not.

Things we can see the code that notice is usually found in the bottom of plastic containers. The code indicates what type of plastic material it is made. The code in the form of a triangle consisting of three arrows or the letter which stands for the name of the plastic fabric. By knowing the type of plastic raw materials, we can know whether the type of food is harmful or not.

Here are the codes that need to be considered:

1: Polyethylene Terephalate (PET / PETE)
Usually a beverage container from the mineral with a transparent color. The container is especially intended disposable. Because the longer it is in the package, then the chemical content of the more soluble.

2: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Typically used as packaging of drugs or cosmetic ingredients.

3: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
Is the most dangerous substances. Often used as a channel of water, building materials, sometimes used as toys. To the parents can observe their children for toys for children under the age of

4: Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
Usually used to wrap vegetables and frozen meat.

5: Polypropylene (PP)
Used for packaging food, beverages, margarine, shampoo bottles or baby bottles.

6: Polystyrene (PS)
Polystyrene is a substance harmful to the body. If oily foods are heated in these containers, styrene can migrate into food, then use this material as food containers are not recommended. Form of styrofoam cups and plates of food that has long been regarded as a cause of cancer, spoon and fork, box of CDs.

7: Other Categories
Included in this category is a plastic material that is not included in the six categories above. In this category include Polycarbonate is also harmful for the body. However, there is also a good material for the environment because it can be parsed so-called bioplastics made from corn starch, potato, sugar cane.

Raw foods are safe to use a coded 2,4,5. For No.7 code because it is not clearly informed of what material is created, it must be so noted and sought to know from what materials are plastics made. As for the other code we should use as directed so as not to endanger our health.

Biological Clock Your Body

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Did you know that in our bodies there is a biological clock which controls the body what to do naturally? This biological clock controls the body when to rest, when the body needs food or other activities of the body for 24 hours. The timer clock can be running because of the suprachiasmatic Nuclei (SCN). By knowing the cycles that exist in our bodies, we can know when the body is in optimum condition so that what we do is also useful for optimal health.

Why Drowsiness Night?
Have you ever wondered, why we sleep at night? Or why when the rural communities that had no electricity tend to sleep more quickly? The answer is because of the hormone melatonin. SCN will tell your body to release the hormone melatonin when it was dark. Furthermore, the hormone melatonin will tell your body to rest. But with the presence of an electric lamp that makes the atmosphere becomes bright at night inhibits the release of the hormone melatonin, so currently the human sleep better late than ever.

Our bodies are adaptable. For example, for workers who work at night, the SCN will adapt in a release the hormone melatonin, so they will remain intact even though it was dark. When the night wore on, we will be more likely to feel sleepy, is due to the hormone melatonin, which generated increased and also drop in body temperature and blood pressure in the body.


Hormones in the Body While You Sleep
To be able to repair damaged cells, the body needs sleep. Healthy sleeping humans is 7 to 9 hours each day. Repair of these cells is triggered by a hormone called Human Growth Hormone (HGH).

Because of that, with enough sleep an average of 8 hours per day, same as letting your body restore the body back. Of course this will make you wake up with a healthy on the morning after sleep.

Eating salty foods can make your body dehydrated, so it can experience water retention which causes mild hypertension, resulting in impaired cell repair process and your sleep disturbed.

Eating sugary foods can make it hard to sleep because the brain will be ordered to release the hormone insulin. As a result of sugar in the blood vessels will be stored in muscle cells, liver and fat. Because low levels of sugar in the body, the brain will order to release the hormone cortisol which breaks down fats into sugars. Side effects of the hormone cortisol is a stress that can trigger your sleep will be disturbed because of the existing stress.


Why are you Capable of Holding Urination during Sleep?
Have you ever wondered why even though more than 8 hours of sleep, you do not feel the urge to urinate during sleep? When we sleep, the body produces the hormone vasopressin which inhibits urine spending so that we can sleep without being disturbed should go to the bathroom.


Morning Biological Clock
In the morning, drink a glass of warm water that will encourage the enzymes present in the mouth into the stomach to the detoxification process. Wait 20 minutes before you eat breakfast or other drinks, because when the time is less than 20 minutes, the benefits generated less than optimal.

Sports at 5 am less useful because of low body temperature and muscular yet still hot. Exercise at 7 am. At this hour the body produces the hormone serotonin, which improve mood. Bask in the sun in the morning can increase the production of this hormone.

Our bodies are in optimal conditions 3 hours after waking. At that time, blood was running down the body to perfection so that all the substances the body needs can be met properly.


Other Body Biological Clock
When appropriate for skin care is at 16.00 because at that body in the most high temperature so that the pores open and nutrients absorbed perfect.

At 17:00 the body in peak condition in pain, so right when you want to the dentist or the syringe.

18.00 is a good time to exercise, because the power and flexibility of body condition peak preformance. Glycogen content is due at that time in the body quite a lot. Glycogen is stored carbohydrate in the form of glucose in the body that serves as a source of energy.

Therefore, recognize the body's biological clock and keep your body well to keep your body fit.

Drugstore Life, Herbs for Health and Beauty

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Many plants useful for healing and treatment. The ability to cure and positive effects of some plants as medicine has long been known long before scientists discovered a variety of medicines with chemicals. You also can grow and use medicinal plants in your home as a living pharmacy.

Life Pharmacies
Understanding life pharmacies are utilizing some of the land for planting of medicinal plants for everyday purposes. Generally known, that many traditional medicines that can be used to treat various diseases. Traditional medicine is generally more secure because it is natural and has fewer side effects than the drugs manufactured. That is why most people prefer taking traditional medicines.

Imagine, if your yard is available on the medicinal plants that can be used when one family member is sick. Of course it fun. You can just pick it up at any time, even though the night. No need to spend money and guaranteed freshness because plucked straight from the plant.

Medicinal plants are not less beautiful with ornamental plants. You can also plant it between ornamental plants or flowers that exist. Apart from medicinal plants are generally more robust in the face of various diseases of plants because it has natural substances to cope, so you do not need to provide pesticides.

Thus, in order to make the pharmacy a wonderful and rewarding life there are some things to consider. For example, you need to menyerasikannya with plants and other elements in the park, so as not to damage the garden arrangement. You also need to know the benefits of each and how the use of medicinal plants accordingly.

Medicinal Plants
In the early days, treatment at home with medicinal plants found to try and learn from mistakes (trial and error). Currently, extracts of several medicinal plants have been used for the treatment of the modern era and is useful for curing many serious diseases.

You can also obtain direct benefits from medicinal plants grown in gardens or parks in your home. The following medicinal plants that can fill your life pharmacies:

Aloe Vera
Aloe vera or aloe vera has long been recognized as a plant fertilizer hair. Another benefit is that it can relieve cough.
Known for having a good antiseptic content. You can also use it to relieve cough.
In addition to the kitchen as a spice, ginger can cure skin fungus on the skin.
Wild Ginger
Useful to overcome jaundice.
When a family member is hot, use cumin leaves to reduce the heat. Useful also for the launch of breastfeeding for mothers who are breastfeeding.
Can be used to cure coughs and rheumatism because it produces a sense of warmth.
Red Onion
These famous herbs are also useful for treating colds.
Crown god
Plants that have been known as a medicinal plant. Can cure high blood diseases.
Cat whiskers
Can be used to relieve back pain.
The bitter taste is believed to cure various diseases. You can use the leaves to cure diseases and typhoid fever.
Noni (PACE)
Fruit is beneficial for the body a lot. By eating the fruit can relieve osteoporosis.
Fruit acids can be used to relieve cough.
An ornamental plant, but also has benefits to cope with menstrual pain.
Also a common ornamental plant grown in the garden because the leaves are colorful. Can be utilized green leaves are yellow to warm the stomach.
Beautiful flower fragrance is often used as a perfume raw material, apparently including medicinal plants. Savor the leaves can cure shortness of breath and headaches. The flowers can be used to treat eye inflammation.
Bay leaf boiled water is able to overcome ulcer disease and is also capable of lowering blood sugar levels quickly so good for diabetics.
Guava also has properties. The leaves can be used to treat bowel disease or diarrhea. The function of the leaves are able to make hard stools, thereby reducing the bowel. Fruit juice is also good for health because they contain lots of vitamin C and good for patients such as dengue fever.
Seeing the many benefits of living pharmacy, certainly can move you to utilize the existing land at home. Parks can provide a psychological effect for people who are sick and recover faster. Caring for your plants also become a means of moving the body and exercise. The result of the body to be healthy and beautiful.

If your house does not have large land do not despair, use pot as a planting medium. By having a living pharmacy, home to beautiful, beautiful, healthy and can save money to buy drugs or herbs. Medicinal plants will make for you and your family healthy.

Troubleshooting Fertility and Infertility

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Fertility problems and infertility or infertility is an issue that is sensitive enough for couples who have children is difficult. Even some cases lead to divorce because of problems like this. If you or do have fertility problems, do not be discouraged because in many cases it can be treated with various therapies and treatments with modern technology. Any therapy that can be done about the problem of fertility of married couples this?

Infertility or infertility
One of the most feared is infertility or infertility are often associated with infertility in one partner. For women, infertility or infertility due to failure of release of eggs or ovaries can not produce mature eggs. Thus, ovulation does not occur so the egg does not enter the fallopian tubes that lead to fertilization can not occur. This condition is known as ovulation disorder. Other causes are closed or blocked fallopian tube or oviduct. Or the presence of endometriosis or cysts are often known as the growth of uterine lining tissue outside the uterus.

As for men, infertility is often caused by the absence of sperm production in the sperm sac. Even if no sperm production, but the amount is very small so that when the entrance to the vagina, there is no sperm to successfully fertilize the egg.


One method to overcome infertility or infertility is IVF. IVF was first successfully performed on a baby girl named Louise Joy Brown in England on July 25, 1978. The process is done by taking an egg from the ovary together with the mother and the father's sperm in a liquid medium in laboratory glassware. Then the egg is fertilized in the laboratory. After the egg is fertilized, about two and a half days later, the egg has divided into eight cells are very small. Then inserted into the uterus or womb to develop normally into a baby. Since then, various therapies and technologies developed to overcome fertility problems in both men and women.

IVF is done by a process known as in vitro fertilization (IVF) or in vitro fertilization. A momentum for the development of IVF treatment and subsequent therapy for assistive technology or assisted reproduction reproductive technology (ART). ART includes a variety of treatments for fertility problems. Including the egg of another woman and fertilized to be developed in the womb of a woman who is different. 1994 in Italy, a 62-year-old woman who no longer have the egg gave birth to a baby from another woman's eggs are fertilized with the sperm of her husband. So are many methods that can be done to overcome fertility problems.


Various techniques or Infertility Treatment Infertility Problems
There are several types of treatment for fertility problems for both men and women. In addition to IVF, the following treatments have also been through a series of research process and its success rate is quite satisfactory for couples who have fertility problems.

But before you use one method of treatment of fertility problems, you should make a thorough research first and talk to both medical experts and the religious leaders. Some religious groups consider some type of method of IVF and artificial insemination, including violation of religious law. This is particularly so if the baby's conception or development carried out not in the mother's womb that gives the egg or not to use sperm from her own husband. In other words, for some religious groups, if it involves a third party either as donors or fertilization medium is not lawful husband or wife, it was considered to violate religious law. Because it is a matter of choosing this treatment is a personal decision of each couple and need to be discussed in depth.

Before deciding to choose the type of treatment techniques for infertility or infertility issues, you should ask more of the medical experts who deal with your problems. Ask what are the costs and benefits of each technique for both you and your partner. And ask the various risks that could happen to you and your partner. Several types of treatment techniques for infertility or infertility problems who have a high enough success rate of them are:

Artificial Insemination
Artificial insemination or artificial insemination (often abbreviated as AI) is done by inserting semen containing sperm from the male into the female reproductive organs without going through sexual intercourse or not naturally. Semen containing sperm taken with a specific tool of a husband and then injected into the womb of the wife resulting in fertilization and pregnancy. Usually the doctor will recommend artificial insemination as a first step before applying other types of therapy or treatment.
GIFT (Gamete intrafallopian transfer)
GIFT which stands for Gamete intrafallopian transfer is a technique that was introduced since 1984. The goal is to create a pregnancy. The process is done by taking eggs from the ovary or ovaries and women are matched with male sperm cells that have been cleaned. By using a tool called a laparoscope, the egg and sperm which have been brought is inserted into the fallopian tubes or the female fallopian tube through a small incision in the abdomen through laparoscopic surgery. So expect the direct fertilization and pregnancy.
IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)
IVF or In Vitro Fertilization, also known as IVF procedure. At first the woman's egg and sperm cells fertilized in fertilization media outside a woman's body. Then after fertilization, the result is already an embryo inserted into the uterus through the cervix.
ZIFT (Zygote intrafallopian transfer)
Zygote intrafallopian transfer or ZIFT is a technical transfer of the zygote or fertilized egg cell. This process is done by collecting eggs from a woman's ovaries and fertilized outside her body. Then after the egg is fertilized, put back into the fallopian tube fallopian tubes or surgically in the abdomen with laparoscopic surgery. This technique is a combination of techniques of IVF and GIFT.
ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection)
ICSI or Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection is done by inserting a sperm cell directly into an egg cell. With this technique, less active sperm cells mature and not be used to fertilize an egg.
So you do not need to worry if your partner is experiencing infertility or infertility problems, because everything can be overcome with modern technologies available today.

Overcoming Heart Disease and Heart Attack

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The heart is a muscle that pumps blood throughout the body. In a heart attack (myocardial infarction), part of the heart muscle to die while not getting blood. To stay healthy, the heart needs oxygen and other nutrients carried by blood. This is obtained through the artery (blood vessel) disease, which wrap the outside of the heart.

Heart Disease

These diseases can affect any part of the heart. However, the most common disease is a chronic disease in the coronary arteries is called atherosclerosis. Therefore, heart disease commonly known and most common is coronary heart disease or coronary artery disease. The disease is most often causes a heart attack in someone who can cause death. The cause is narrowing of the coronary arteries, where the vessel serves to provide blood to the heart muscle. The narrowing is caused by a pile of cholesterol or other proteins derived from food that enters the body. This buildup causes the coronary arteries become stiff. Stiffness is called atherosclerosis.

Atherosclerosis occurs when there is accumulation of plaque or fatty deposits on artery walls. Over time, plaque can build up, harden and narrow arteries, and inhibits blood flow to the heart. Coronary artery disease or coronary artery disease (CAD) is what sets the stage for most heart attacks.

Blockage in one or more coronary arteries can cause heart attack suddenly. The reason for asking the heart exceeds the available oxygen thus triggering a heart attack. Why? If the heart muscle does not receive oxygen for a long time, surrounding tissue may be damaged. Unlike other tissues, the heart muscle does not regenerate. The longer the attack, the more damage to the heart and the more likely to die.

Even in the arteries that are not too narrow because timbungan plaque and fatty, deposits of plaque can break off and form a crust of blood or thrombus. In addition, the diseased arteries also tend to experience sudden muscle contractions. Thus, a piece of crust in the blood can form a contraction, releasing chemicals which then result in narrowing the artery wall, triggering a heart attack.

If the working system of the heart is damaged, the heart's normal rhythm can become chaotic and the heart began to tremble with erratic or experiencing fibrillation. This abnormal rhythm known as arrhythmia is a deviation from normal heart rhythm. This will cause the heart loses its ability to pump blood effectively to the brain. Within ten minutes, brain death and the patient was beyond help.

In addition to coronary heart disease due to fat deposition in the arterial wall, there are also other heart diseases caused by abnormalities at birth. For example an imperfect heart, abnormal heart valves, weakened heart muscle. Another cause is the bacteria that cause infections of the heart.

Symptoms of Heart Disease
If symptoms of heart attacks happen to you:
Recognize any of these symptoms occur whether chest pain, shortness of breath, or palpitations.

Cease immediately all work no matter what you are doing and sit or lie down while you draw a deep breath.

If you are alone while symptoms last more than a few minutes immediately contact the local emergency phone number and say you have a heart attack. Or contact the people around you by giving the same information.

If anyone can take you to the hospital more quickly than the arrival of paramedics, immediately ask for help go to take you to the emergency room at the hospital. Faster would be better handled.

But if you wait paramedic team arrived, so while waiting, you can loosen tight clothing, including belts or ties. Make yourself in a position that feels comfortable.

Remain calm, no matter you are the victim or his salvation. The panic may increase the likelihood of arrhythmia or heart rhythm irregularities that threaten life.

The symptoms are perceived if you have coronary heart disease include pain or pain in the chest in which most people thought it was just as indigestion. Then other symptoms of feeling depressed in the middle of the chest for 30 seconds to 5 minutes. Another thing is the cold sweat, palpitations, dizziness, and felt like fainting. These symptoms are not always perceived the sufferer. Another warning sign is shortness of breath during exercise.

For several months before the heart attack usually people with heart disease often feel very tired. Do not assume these symptoms are caused by lack of sleep and stress of the job.

Pain or feeling pressured in the chest, called angina, gave warning to half of those who suffer a heart attack. Some people experience shortness of breath or fatigue and feeling weak as symptoms, indicating that the heart is not getting enough oxygen because of coronary blockage.

Usually a few days before having a massive heart attack, a person will experience muscle contractions suddenly in the chest which is a minor attack or a mild heart attack. Generally mild heart attack occur before a major attack a few days later.

Tips to Prevent Heart Disease
To reduce risk of coronary heart disease, you can do the following things:

Healthy eating
Avoid foods that contain lots of fat or high cholesterol. Seafood has a high cholesterol content which can harm the heart. Reduce eating fried foods that contain lots of fat, otherwise the food can be processed by boiling, steaming or baking.

Wherever possible, the food products we eat low-fat or no fat. Choose milk, cheese, butter or other foods low in fat. Fry using olive oil has a little fat so that it can be an option if the need to process food by frying.

In addition to avoiding fatty foods, avoid foods with sugar content is also high like soft drinks. Do not consume karbohirat tertalu many, because in the body, carbohydrates are broken down into fat. In contrast, consumption of oats or wheat that can help keep the heart healthy.

Keep your diet is not excessive to avoid obesity, because someone who has a waist circumference greater than 80 cm, greater risk of developing this disease.
Stop smoking
Cigarette smoking is not good for heart health, then immediately stop this practice in order to stay healthy heart.
Avoid Stress
Stress is very difficult to avoid when living in big cities like Jakarta is known for its jams and preoccupations. When a person experiences stress, the body will release the hormone cortisol, which causes the blood vessels become stiff. Hormone norepinephrine to produce the body when suffering from stress, which may increase blood pressure. So, very good if you avoid the stress both in the office or at home.
Problem of hypertension or high blood pressure can also cause heart disease. Hypertension can injure the arterial wall and allows the channel to enter the arteries of LDL cholesterol and increase the accumulation of plaque.
Overweight or obese increases the high blood pressure and abnormal fat. Avoiding or treating obesity or obesity is the main way to avoid diabetes. Diabetes accelerates coronary heart disease and increased risk of heart attack.
Exercise regularly
You can do sports activities such as walking, brisk walking, or jogging. Sports activities are competitive and not too much work to strengthen the heart and blood circulation throughout the body.
Consumption of antioxidants
Air pollution, motor vehicle fumes or smoke created the emergence of free radicals in the body. Free radicals can cause ulcers or deposits in blood vessels that can cause blockages. To remove the content of free radicals in the body, the need for antioxidants that will catch and throw. Antioxidants can be obtained from a variety of fruits and vegetables.
One whose parents or siblings have had heart attack before age 60 have a greater risk of suffering from this disease. Therefore, if you have relatives who have had a heart attack, you should be more careful in keeping the diet and lifestyle you can support a healthy heart.

Overcoming Heart Disease
If you feel the early symptoms of heart disease or had suffered a mild heart attack, do not ignore it. You desperately need early treatment by trained medical personnel. This can save the heart from further damage and can even avoid the consequences are more fatal as death.

But if heart attack symptoms begin to occur, it is important to seek immediate medical assistance. The risk of death from heart attack is within one hour after the heart attack. Rapid and appropriate treatment of the medical team could save heart muscle from damage that can not be repaired. The more heart muscle is saved, the more effective will the heart pumping again after the attack. Do not put off getting medical help because of fear is considered absurd.

When a blockage has occurred, the medical action is generally taken with the installation of catheterization and rings that keep coronary arteries are not clogged. However, there may be some blockage in other arteries.

Dear to your heart
Looking at the heart of this precious organ for survival, then immediately improve your lifestyle to stay healthy. Start enjoying the foods that are healthy, nutritious and low in cholesterol. Avoid smoking and stress. And exercise regularly. Start with a healthy lifestyle from this day to love your heart.

Face of Breast Cancer

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Breast Cancer
Breast cancer is abnormal cell growth in breast tissue person. When you have reached an advanced stage, removal of the breast is sometimes done for patient safety. This is certainly a scary thing for a woman.
Almost all cancers have a specific cause. For example the majority of cancer cases kulitdisebabkan by the sun's ultraviolet rays. While lung cancer caused by smoking. But there is no definite single cause for breast cancer.
Several factors could be the cause of breast cancer. Eg genetic, environmental, and hormones may contribute in breast cancer. Women are vulnerable to these factors may have a higher risk.

Breast Cancer Risk Factors
No one knows exactly what causes breast cancer. Based on the statistical results, most breast cancer patients are women aged above 50 years. This means that the older the person, then the chance of developing this disease. Another factor that affects the family history. If there are families who suffer from this disease like a mother or siblings then the chances will be even greater. Breast cancer can also be caused by previous cancer in other organs that spread to the breast. Or if there is a history of previous cancer in other organs.
Another thing that can trigger cancer is a lifestyle. Frequently consuming foods that contain chemicals or are carcinogens, alcohol, or smoking.

Preventing Breast Cancer
One breast cancer prevention is a healthy diet. An estimated one in three cases of breast cancer due to dietary factors. A good diet that will help maintain your immune system and this is the most potent disease prevention. Although there has been no food that can cure cancer, eating certain foods and reducing certain other foods can be a preventive measure.
Foods that are rich in fiber, can help reduce levels of prolactin and estrogen, the possibility to attach themselves to these hormones and then throw it out of the body. This can further suppress the phase of carcinogenesis (cancer formation). In addition, reducing the saturated fat diet may reduce risk. Soybeans and soy products without fermented can inhibit tumor growth.
Vegetables rich in vitamin A, like carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, and vegetables, dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale and mustard greens, may help. Vitamin A prevents the formation of cancer-causing mutations. While fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Early Detection of Breast Cancer
The emergence of a lump in the breast area may indicate the possibility of a type of breast cancer. But not all lumps mean cancer because they have to be examined further for certainty in the hospital or doctor.

The key to survival is to detect breast cancer early, before it has a chance to spread.
Another indication of this disease is a lump in the armpit, breast pain, change in color or texture in the breasts, drawn into the nipple, the areola (area around the nipple brown), or on the nipple. In some cases, breast cancer is detected from the discharge from the nipple yellowish, greenish or purulent.

The key to survival is to detect breast cancer early, before it has a chance to spread. One cause of high mortality from this disease due to lack of awareness to detect symptoms that exist. Generally, after arriving at the complaints are serious, new patient consults a doctor who often means the cancer is in an advanced stage. Therefore, when the disease has reached an advanced stage, it will be difficult to cure.

Breast Self-Check
In order for society, especially women can do a breast examination on a regular basis, then made a movement called Realize or Sarari which stands for "Breast Self Check". It is recommended that the examination was performed 1 month after the period of about 4-7 days after menstruation.
In this examination, the thing done is:
Standing in front of a mirror with your shoulders straight and your hands on the waist. Notice if there are physical perubaan your breast, such as changes in shape, size or color of the breast.
Lift both hands up and look again if there are physical changes visible breasts.
Click the nipple and see if there is discharge from the nipple.
Lie down and touch the right breast with his left hand and so on. Create a pattern of play and feel whether there is a lump in the breast and others.
When sitting or standing try breast massage to find out whether there is a suspicious lump. Raba underarm area to the stomach to check it out.
Be aware of the movement can be performed by a spouse to his wife. Or the husband can remind his wife to perform regular checks Realize. The role of the family can certainly facilitate the detection of this disease.

If you have breast cancer
When a person was diagnosed with breast cancer, most patients will immediately be emotionally devastated. They feel a death sentence, although it could have cured even more so when the patient is still in early stages. In advanced stages, emotional and psychological impact can cause a cancer patient suffering from depression. This can exacerbate the situation. For that, need the support of the family or friends.
Breast cancer patients should tell their family or friends because people need the support of the people closest result of the impact of emotions they experienced. Is normal if the patient does not want to tell family or friends about their disease. The reason is because they do not want to bother or make the people who heard it to be sad or worried. But, imagine the opposite situation, when you are not informed by the family or your close friends that he was suffering from cancer, of course you will be more sad because you do not know and may not provide the required assistance.
Mate is someone who most closely and you can talk to find the best treatment and the impact that may be experienced. Breast cancer patients may feel inferior to the current circumstances that affect the marital relationship. Instead, it is also discussed with your husband to be understood and can provide assistance by giving a hug or other endearment.
The children are still small may not understand what was happening. However, if your child is able to talk to, you can tell in simple language what is meant by breast cancer and the effects that might occur in your physical such as hair loss from chemotherapy or changes in the breast. It is important that children who are innocent do not get the wrong information from people who are not liable to make them mennjadi fear or hate you or feel that what you are experiencing due to their mistakes.
Not all friends or family who do not get too close to be told if you feel uncomfortable to have them delivered. You also do not need to respond to the comments given by friends, family or others who know your illness. There is always a positive and negative comments. So, it's not excessive to consider that can damage your body's endurance.
To add to the spirit, you can join a group of fellow breast cancer sufferers. In Indonesia, Indonesia Cancer Foundation can accommodate this need. In this group, they can give the spirit and confidence so that you can recover. The stories of other sufferers may be able to make you feel your circumstances are still better. Or stories from other sufferers to fight the disease are persistent and can obtain healing can help you gain the strength to not give in to circumstances.
So, still eager to fight your disease. If any family member or friend suffering from a tumor or breast cancer, you can provide the necessary support because it knows the suffering they experienced. Such support can help to cure them.

DNA testing, Is Accurate and Trustworthy?

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Have you ever heard the term DNA test? Perhaps you've heard it from the environment around you, in movies, news or celebrity gossip on television. AND DNA testing or is today the most accurate way to determine the identity and the identity of a person. What exactly is DNA? What is checked when performing a DNA test? How this test can identify a person?

DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid, or in Indonesian often called AND, which is short for deoxyribonucleic acid. AND this is the DNA or genetic material contained in the body of every person who inherited from parents. DNA contained in the nucleus of cells in the structure of chromosomes and the mitochondria.

Its function as a blueprint that serves as a conduit of code for every human being such as to hair color, eye shape, face shape, skin color, and others. The introduction of the structure of DNA was introduced by Francis Crick, a British scientist James Watson and from the United States in 1953.

To facilitate us to understand what DNA is, you try to think of a sentence. Sentence is composed of several words. And every word is formed from some alphabet. It can be said, the alphabet is a basic element of many languages. A similar principle can be applied to DNA. At the molecular level, "alphabet" of DNA provided by the principal. The amazing thing is that the "alphabet" consists of only four letters, A, C, G, and T, which is a symbol of the chemical bases adenine, cytosine (cytosine), guanine, and thymine. These compounds form an exclusive bond, in which adenine is always paired with thymine and guanine always pairs with cytosine.

Form of DNA is like a double spiral which together with the meeting. DNA consists of four base pairs A, C, G, and T which is a nitrogen-containing chemical components. The sequence of bases in the DNA molecule is what determines the genetic information contained in it. In short, this sequence determines almost everything about you, from hair color, skin color, to the shape of your nose.

Every human has 23 pairs of chromosomes consisting of 22 pairs of somatic chromosomes and 1 pair of chromosomes determine gender. Someone with XX chromosomes determine the sex of female and XY for someone who is the male sex. Chromosome is obtained from the parents, half from the mother and half from the father.


DNA Tests
On mitochondrial DNA known as mitochondrial DNA obtained from maternal whole. Mitochondrial DNA tests with mengembil one can identify whether someone has a family relationship with the family of the mother or maternal family relationships. You do this by comparing the mitochondrial DNA had a biological mother, grandmother or siblings from the mother.

Because a mother is fully lowered mitochondrial DNA to their children, what about fathers? A father will inherit a Y chromosome to his sons (because the Y chromosome belongs only male XY sex chromosomes). While girls do not have Y chromosomes (XX female sex chromosome).

To prove the family's relationship with his father's side can be done by comparing the Y chromosomes of a child with his biological father or the paternal siblings. Because the Y chromosome examination only for boys, then how to do DNA tests on a girl?

DNA tests done by taking DNA from somatic chromosomes. Ties of DNA in the somatic almost the same on everyone because it serves to form and function of organs. Sequence errors can lead to disorders in humans are concerned. But at the core of these cells also contained an area known as the area of ​​STR (short tandem repeats). This area does not give the code to do something.

STR is what is unique because it is different for each person. The difference lies in the sequence of base pairs generated and the sequence repetition STR. AGACC sequence will be different with someone who has a string AGACT. So also with the sequence of repetition that is unique. STR pattern is inherited from parents.


How do DNA test?
In this example a DNA test to prove whether a child really is the biological child of a husband and wife. How to check the DNA tests done by taking a STR of the child. Furthermore, the laboratory will be analyzed sequence strand of the STR whether the order together with someone who made a pattern from a child. The order is not the only one because the examination is continued by looking at the number of chromosomes.

For example, a child's examination found that the chromosome number 3 has a sequence with a repetition AGACT 2 times. When the father or mother who claimed his biological parents also have a repetition of the same on the same chromosome number, it can be concluded between two people that have family ties.

A person can be said to have a blood relationship if you have the same 16 STR kelurga siblings. When the sequence and repetition of the same, then the two people who checked a sibling bond or a close blood relations. This amount is quite small compared to the overall bond spiral in our bodies, amounting to billions.

DNA tests carried out by taking a little part of your body to compare with others. The part that can be taken to be checked is the hair, saliva, urine, vaginal fluid, semen, blood and other body tissues. These samples will not change throughout his life. The use of alcohol, tobacco or drugs will not change the structure of DNA. The results of DNA tests will be run from a new patient can be seen 2-4 weeks. Cost required for DNA tests currently around 7 to 8 million dollars.


Benefits of DNA Testing
DNA testing has now become a trend to prove the link one's blood relations. Given the many infidelities and sexual freedom, has resulted in many children who questioned the origin of their parents. Because of this, many couples do DNA tests to prove the origin of children born to them.

Even in some countries, many DNA testing clinics. Many also are using DNA tests because of suspicion of her partner. Some people give up personal items belonging partner to the clinic to be tested whether their partners connect with others who are not spouses.

In the police, DNA testing is also used for forensic tests. DNA testing is the most accurate evidence to test a person's identification than fingerprints. With DNA testing, police can provide authentic evidence of bodies that have been destroyed, provided that tissue samples can be taken on these corpses.

In addition to detecting family relationships, DNA testing also serves to detect a particular disease until the disease is complex. With DNA testing can be known causes of a disease that is especially hereditary disease.

Advances in technology have made more new things to learn. DNA testing at this point is the identification of the most accurate and reliable. Information about DNA testing above may help you familiarize yourself more closely with the process.

Enjoying Fast Food (Fast Food) by Better Health

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Fast food or fast food is the preferred food and were encountered when we are out of the house. The downside is these foods are not healthy foods, less nutrients, and many contain chemicals, and even got a nickname as junk food or junk food. How to make that food is still healthy to eat?

Fast Food
Various fast food outlets or fast food restaurants offer American fried chicken, nuggets, burgers, sausage, or meatballs. And the food has become the preferred food of children and even adults. Savory taste of these foods makes us happy to eat it. No wonder if at the mall, a restaurant that sells food these crowded.

Unfortunately, the food is not healthy food. Fat content that makes a person suffering from high cholesterol and obesity, additional ingredients that can damage the body, and very few fibers are a few things that make these foods are not recommended for health. If you have or may in the mood to enjoy the food at fast food restaurants or fast food, in some ways, you can make these foods are healthier for the body. Here's some important information before you decide to enjoy the food.


American Fried Chicken
American fried chicken or what is commonly known as the fried chicken is one of the fast food of the most popular. A variety of restaurants both from within and outside the country have been peddling this fried chicken. Why is it less healthy fried chicken? And how the trick is to eat fried chicken in a safe manner?

The reason the American fried chicken (fried chicken) are less healthy:
Regular use chicken that is usually given an injection of hormones in breeding.
Chicken of this type have a lot of fat content.
Using cooking oil that has a high boiling point. Such oils contain cholesterol.
In order to get the chicken skin is dry but the inside still delicious, fried chicken with deep frying at high temperatures. This technique makes oil more and more absorbed into the chicken meat, can reach 65%.
Trick enjoy American fried chicken (fried chicken) to make it healthier:
Set aside chicken skin. In the skin, the fat contained in it quite a lot. If possible, the skin should not be eaten even if the piece is indeed the most delicious.
Choose the chest, because the fat content in this section is less than chicken thighs.
Eat healthy foods. Salad with a little mayonnaise or vegetable is a menu that you can eat so you still get fiber to the body.

Sausage and Nugget
Sausage and nuget is also one of the favorite foods. For example, for a burger or hotdog. Sausage and nuget not only available at fast food restaurants, but is also available and sold in many supermarkets. Why do you also need to look when eating sausage or nuget? And how the tricks to stay healthy while enjoying the sausage and nuget?

Reason nuget sausage and less healthy:
Sausages and nuggets have passed various stages of processing which has the addition of various preservatives or dyes that make the kidneys work to be heavy.
Using a meat that is not clear. Having been through the process of processing, the material used to not be known with certainty. Part viscera, skin or cartilage may even be used for production costs can be minimized.
Enjoy a sausage and nuget tricks to make it healthier:
Eat smaller portions or share so that the amount eaten is not too much.
Add the vegetable menu in your menu such as salad or fruit intake at subsequent meals.

Meatballs are the best foods available. Everywhere, with easy to find sellers meatballs, from malls to residential areas. Meatballs with a variety of grain was so delicious. But it turns out meatballs are also less healthy if eaten carelessly. Here's why and tricks to enjoy your favorite meatballs in a healthy way.

Reason meatballs less healthy:
Typically use a high-fat meats that can lead to cholesterol.
There were meatballs that contain borax or formaldehyde that are very harmful to the body.
Tricks to make it more healthy to enjoy meatballs:
Do not use MSG. Meatball sauce is tasty, obtained as usual when concocting added MSG. To avoid this, you can order not to use MSG.
Sauce raw materials are vague and contain preservatives. Meatball vendor typically uses sauce or chili sauce in a large bottle that cost is not expensive. Tomato sauce or chili sauce contain questionable material and the dye can be dangerous.
Ask for more vegetables. Equipped with the usual meatballs mustard or sprouts. So in order to get the fiber your body, you can ask that added more vegetables in the bowl of your meatballs.

Reasonable time Enjoying Fast Food
Because you may not completely avoid fast food or fast food, then you can use the trick mentioned earlier to minimize the negative effects of fast food. You can also make yourself at home so that the materials used more secure and more healthful.

For example, you can use when making chicken fried chicken, using natural dyes when making sausage, and replace with spices instead of MSG is safe with manufacturing techniques that are not dangerous.

Do not forget to add the vegetables and fruit as the fiber so that the food is not very long stay in the intestine and absorbed by the body. Enjoy your fast food or fast food you.