Why Women Pretending Orgasm?

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 Research shows that nearly 90 percent of women claimed to have pretended to reach orgasm during intercourse or while performing oral sex.
Keeping feelings of the couple was not the only reason. Many women who do so for fear of intimacy with their partner or feeling anxious about themselves.
Not a few are also women who pretend to be reaching a climax with the reason they are uncomfortable with the sexual organ function or because they want to immediately end the ongoing sexual relationship....

Although the numbers are small, but there are also fake an orgasm because they want to enhance their sexual experience.
“For this last group they want to increase the stimulation to yourself so that they actually achieve a higher satisfaction,” said Erin Cooper of Temple University who conducts research on this subject.
In his research, Cooper conducted a survey on 366 women aged 18-32 years who had faked her orgasms. The women were questioned about sexual habits, why fake an orgasm as well as their feelings on relationships.
For women who are afraid to feel intimate and close, faked orgasms means keeping a distance with a partner. Meanwhile, for those who are embarrassed by their sexual performance, Cooper argued fake orgasm is a way to save their egos.
“Women who are difficult to close with others in the level of emotional closeness also often difficult to close on the sexual level. They need intervention,” he said.
Meanwhile, women who want to quickly finish his sexual relationship allegedly also had some trouble to let others close in personal.
“They feel they do not connect with their partner or sexual experience, so do not get satisfaction from sex,” he explained.
The reasons are certainly going to affect the relationship outside the bedroom. Improving communication and seeks to increase the sense of trust and intimacy by Cooper will help to behave as it is in the bedroom.


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