What is Angina Pectoris?

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Angina Pectoris is a clinical syndrome characterized by intermittent (paroxysmal) chest pain caused by reversible myocardial ischemia. The pain is usually substernal or precordial radiating to the left shoulder and arm or to the jaw. It lasts for several minutes.
Angina Pectoris Types

Stable Angina: It occurs due to increased myocardial oxygen demand during exertion in a patient of narrow coronary arteries. It is relieved promptly by rest and nitroglycerine.
Variant Angina (Prinzmetal’s Angina): It occurs at rest and is not a result of increased myocardial demand. It is produced by the episodic reduction of the myocardial blood supply due to coronary artery spasm.
Unstable Angina: In this type of angina, frequency, severity and duration of episode are progressively increased, frequently occurring at rest.
Platelet aggregation (thrombus formation) and coronary. Artery spasm are considered to be the cause of such type of angina. Unstable angina may lead to myocardial infarction very rapidly.


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