Breast cancer is one of the most feared disease among women.

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Breast cancer is one of the most feared disease among women. Together with cervical cancer, breast cancer is the biggest cause of death of women in Indonesia. Even a verdict of breast cancer is still the early stages it has been able to make a woman lose the spirit of his life.

Medical treatments that offer lifting operations would make the patient's cancer cells become anxious because you will lose one or both breasts, or at least has not changed the form of the breasts.

The good news is that the current breast cancer patients do not have too concerned with the discovery of various alternatives reconstructed breast without having any loss or damage of natural breast shape. Dr. Samuel J Haryono, said, lifting breasts through surgery is not always the case. Many cases that occur when patients do not have to lose her breasts, especially for patients who are still in the early stadium.

According to Dr. Samuel as collected from the compass, when the cancer cells or tumor size was 3 cm, the patients can undergo therapy, Breast Conservation, which is a minor surgical procedure to lift the tumor and lymph nodes but still maintaining the breast, nipple and areola.

Therefore, should the action early detection as prevention in case Tues have been brutal in the body. The easier the faster discovery of cancer cells in the host.

"Many cancer patients misconception and think of each breast cancer detected it should be lifted, it is not true, if the tumor is known in advance the adoption process can be done without damaging breast tissue," says Dr. Samuel.

Other cases where the patient is unaware of late in breast cancer. In this case, along with cancer cells and breast tissue should be removed (mastectomy). Once operations have been carried out and clean breast of the cancer cells of breast reconstruction is usually performed.

Breast reconstruction is the effort to reshape the breast, which aim to revive the confidence of the patient. Reconstruction is done after the operation when the patient is still in the influence of anesthesia. Several other patients chose immediate reconstruction after towing her to recover completely.

Breast reconstruction is done by menambal the hollow breast and fill it with fat or meat taken from the patient's body, usually from the buttocks or stomach. Some reconstruction is done by maintaining outside the breast and skin-called Skin Sparing Mastectomy or be defending the nipple and areola part of breast (nipple Sparing Mastectomy).

If due to cancer was in advanced stage and the entire breast must be removed including the nipple and the areolanya, the patient's abdominal skin can be used as the breast skin. Web stomach may also be used to form the nipples.

Using the body's own tissue for breast reconstruction as well as more practical will be more comfortable for patients because it uses parts of the body itself.

Other options other than breast implant reconstruction is. This is done if the cavity is taken too large and no part of the patient's body that can be used. Breast implants use silicone or liquid sodium chloride.

Reconstruction and breast implant technology will continue to grow. Therefore, breast cancer patients do not have too worry about the loss of total breast. The most important thing is best known in early cancer so that treatment and breast reconstruction efforts easier.

Breast cancer is the malignant cells that grow uncontrolled in breast organs if it enters the final stadium will spread to surrounding areas and can cause death. Breast cancer-causing all kinds, from the influence of the unhealthy lifestyle up for hereditary (genetic). Symptoms of breast cancer such as other types of cancer, confidential detected in the early stages, soon after the cancer is in advanced stage and has become a new powerful physical symptoms will arise in the sense of the patient. Treatment and cure of breast cancer is one of breast reconstruction.


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