Glasses, Softlens or Lasik surgery for eyes?

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Eye as one of the five senses is essential for the body. With eyes, we can enjoy the beautiful scenery and see people we love. However, due to wrong use or due to congenital factors, can make the eye can not function optimally.

Various eye defects commonly encountered are nearsightedness, farsightedness, a cylinder. The most commonly used to overcome this is to use glasses. Along with the progress of time, many who use soft contact lens is placed directly on the lens of the eye. Or for those who do not like using glasses or soft contact lens, another option is to perform eye surgery lasik so you can return to normal function.

Each alternative has advantages and disadvantages. For those of you who want to try an alternative, you could consider the pros and cons of each so that they can choose according to need

If you choose glasses, you also have to choose lenses that will be used. Lenses are available in two options, namely glass and plastic lenses. The advantages of glass lenses are thinner, but more heavy and easily broken. While the plastic lenses are lighter and not easily broken, but rather thick and easily scratched.

This operation is performed by dissecting your eyes, fix your eyes in order to return to normal without the aid of glasses or softlens. In the early stages of this operation, you will be checked to determine your health. The next stage will be further investigation to determine the condition of the eye if the eye is able who conducted this operation or not.

Operations are performed only takes about 20 minutes and without suturing process, because the surgery is done using a laser. Surgery is performed to open the layers of the cornea, irradiation performed to repair damaged eyes, then closed again when the cornea will stick to itself without the need stitches.

In a period of healing after surgery, you need to really keep your eyes so that the operation is successful as expected. Eyes should remain protected by using protective eyewear. Eyes should not be exposed to water directly and have enough rest.

If you are interested to perform lasik surgery, and doctors make sure the place you choose is really able to do so to avoid further damage to your eyes.


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