Food Triggers and Stress Relief

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Food that enters the body not only affects one's physical health.Nutrients in food that enters the body, it can affect a personpsychologically. If you often feel stressed, try to check what food you eat. Because the job may not be a problem or problems at home that makes you stress, but stress caused by food consumed.

Food and Beverage Stress Triggers 
Foods high in salt and fat is a food trigger stress. The reason for these foods stimulate the hormone production of stress hormones kartisol. The hormone will inhibit the work of serotonin, which acts to affect mood or mood, due to its calming and controlling anxiety. Another effect of kartisol is causing the release of hormones neuropeptide Y and galanin hormone that makes people want to consume fatty foods and sweet foods. As a result, a person will experience a bad mood continued. 

Fast food such as nuggets, meatballs, sausage or canned foods are processed foods that can trigger stress because these foods contain lots of salt and fat. Simple carbohydrates such as bread or noodles and trans fat foods are also a cause of stress. 

Besides food, beverage choice is selected also can cause stress. Liquors and beverages, coffee, and drinks with high caffeine content is not good for your mood. Reduce the drink in order not to trigger your stress. 


Food and Drinks Stress Relief 
The content of B vitamins, omega 3, folic acid, magnesium and vitamin C can make a meal of food classified as stress reliever. Choose foods that contain antioxidants that will help launch a memory function. 

Avocados, bananas, tuna, salmon, sardines, milk, and yogurt contain lots of vitamin B. While folic acid may be obtained from oatmeal, orange or asparagus. Magnesium, which can help you sleep soundly, many found in almonds, spinach or tofu that will help the body produce dopamine. While foods with vitamin C can be more easily found in fruits such as oranges, kiwi, guava or strawberry. 

To obtain the desired benefits, your diet should be combined. At meals, select foods with protein, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates. A good combination would create a stable blood sugar and reduce the desire to eat a snack. 

After learning of food stress reliever, it is also necessary to know the drinks that can reduce stress. Drink enough water, which is about 2 liters per day or sipping a cup of tea will help calm the heart. Especially if you drink tea with the family and in a pleasant atmosphere, will definitely keep you from stress. 

After learning of food can trigger stress, then the food menu now choose intelligently so as not to disturb your emotions. Eat quietly, slowly, while mnegucapkan dinkmati thank you because you still can obtain a healthy diet. Thus, the food will help you gain peace of mind.


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