Keep the Heart of Hepatitis

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Hepatitis is a disease that membayakan if not treated immediately. Disease that attacks the liver or liver is increasingly dangerous because the symptoms are not always visible. Learn more about hepatitis can help you and your loved ones from this disease

The main function of the liver or liver is to filter out the toxins that exist in the blood. In addition, there are about 500 other functions of the liver. If someone is suffering from hepatitis, which is an inflammation of the liver or liver, it can destroy the person's overall health because the toxins remain deposited on the blood and destroy or disrupt the work of other organs. Another result is to reject the liver blood flow so that a high blood pressure and rupture of blood vessels.

Destruction of the day or liver function may be caused by a person consumes alcohol to excess or overload due to ingested poisons that work resulted in liver function and liver become damaged. However, in most cases, hepatitis is caused by a virus that is transmitted hepatitis patients.

There are 5 types of viral hepatitis are named in alphabetical order. The five viruses are hepatitis A (VHA), hepatitis B virus (HBV), hepatitis C virus (HCV), hepatitis D (VHD) and viral hepatitis E (VHE). Viruses are constantly evolving and even estimated at least there are still three more viruses that can cause hepatitis.

Viruses that infect most humans are HBV, causes hepatitis B. An estimated 1 in 3 people on Earth ever infected. About 350 million live with the virus settles in the body and potentially infect others. Approximately 78% of people with hepatitis befall the people of Asia and islands in the Pacific region. This virus caused the death of at least 600,000 people per year.


Symptoms of Hepatitis
Some common symptoms of hepatitis is soreness or pain in the right abdomen, weakness, nausea, fever and diarrhea. In some cases also found to be flu-like symptoms and jaundice which marked the skin and eyes look yellow. However, symptoms of hepatitis are not always apparent, especially in most cases that afflicts children.

The virus can move from one patient to healthy people. If a person's immune system is weakened, the virus will infect a healthy person's body. Although actually, the virus can be cleaned by human antibodies themselves if their immune system is good.


Hepatitis A
Hepatitis A virus commonly found in feces of patients. Viruses can live on water or ice cubes. The way the spread of this virus is due to drinking contaminated water VHA. It could also be due to eating foods that are not cooked properly so the virus remains alive on the food or because the person preparing the food are not used properly wash their hands beforehand, may be at hand when there is viral hepatitis A. Not washing hands after using the toilet also causes the virus exist in human feces is finally moving.


Hepatitis B
Transmission of hepatitis B virus (HBV) usually through blood or body fluids such as saliva, vaginal fluids, or semen into the bloodstream of healthy people. This is because hepatitis B present in the blood and body fluids. Blood transfusion, blood on the razor, dental care, nail scissors, syringes or needles used to make tattoos can move a small amount of blood infected with hepatitis virus. Even dried blood stains can infect others during the first weeks of the stick on an object. Another way the spread of this virus is carried away from the very womb of a mother who is infected and because of sex.


Hepatitis C
Pengindap hepatitis C is usually transmitted in a way that is almost the same as the transmission of hepatitis B, but in most people is a needle-stick.


Hepatitis handle
Initial treatment should be done immediately so that patients can be cured, because the slower it is handled, the virus will further damage the liver and even become cancerous. However, sometimes because they do not show obvious symptoms, most people do not realize that his body had already dwelt viral hepatitis and liver has become damaged.

Vaccinations can be given to someone to get antibodies from viral hepatitis A (VHA) and hepatitis B virus (HBV). However, for hepatitis C there is no vaccination to prevent it. While a person has not indicated this virus but the vaccine can prevent liver damage due to viral hepatitis symptoms may not begin until many years later. Particular vaccine should be given to children because their immune systems are weaker to clear hepatitis virus than adults.

If the condition of the liver was severely damaged, the choice is to perform liver transplants. However, it will be difficult because the donor heart that there are fewer than a waiting list of patients who need liver.

Patients with hepatitis should eat nutritious food and adequate rest so that the body is able to survive the virus and prevent the virus the more that will menggeroti health sufferers.

Nutrition and rest are good also to be met for all, because it could have without our knowledge, the virus infects and attacks the liver or liver. But, with a strong immune, the body will be able to handle this dangerous virus hepatitis.


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