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Did you know that in our bodies there is a biological clock which controls the body what to do naturally? This biological clock controls the body when to rest, when the body needs food or other activities of the body for 24 hours. The timer clock can be running because of the suprachiasmatic Nuclei (SCN). By knowing the cycles that exist in our bodies, we can know when the body is in optimum condition so that what we do is also useful for optimal health.

Why Drowsiness Night?
Have you ever wondered, why we sleep at night? Or why when the rural communities that had no electricity tend to sleep more quickly? The answer is because of the hormone melatonin. SCN will tell your body to release the hormone melatonin when it was dark. Furthermore, the hormone melatonin will tell your body to rest. But with the presence of an electric lamp that makes the atmosphere becomes bright at night inhibits the release of the hormone melatonin, so currently the human sleep better late than ever.

Our bodies are adaptable. For example, for workers who work at night, the SCN will adapt in a release the hormone melatonin, so they will remain intact even though it was dark. When the night wore on, we will be more likely to feel sleepy, is due to the hormone melatonin, which generated increased and also drop in body temperature and blood pressure in the body.


Hormones in the Body While You Sleep
To be able to repair damaged cells, the body needs sleep. Healthy sleeping humans is 7 to 9 hours each day. Repair of these cells is triggered by a hormone called Human Growth Hormone (HGH).

Because of that, with enough sleep an average of 8 hours per day, same as letting your body restore the body back. Of course this will make you wake up with a healthy on the morning after sleep.

Eating salty foods can make your body dehydrated, so it can experience water retention which causes mild hypertension, resulting in impaired cell repair process and your sleep disturbed.

Eating sugary foods can make it hard to sleep because the brain will be ordered to release the hormone insulin. As a result of sugar in the blood vessels will be stored in muscle cells, liver and fat. Because low levels of sugar in the body, the brain will order to release the hormone cortisol which breaks down fats into sugars. Side effects of the hormone cortisol is a stress that can trigger your sleep will be disturbed because of the existing stress.


Why are you Capable of Holding Urination during Sleep?
Have you ever wondered why even though more than 8 hours of sleep, you do not feel the urge to urinate during sleep? When we sleep, the body produces the hormone vasopressin which inhibits urine spending so that we can sleep without being disturbed should go to the bathroom.


Morning Biological Clock
In the morning, drink a glass of warm water that will encourage the enzymes present in the mouth into the stomach to the detoxification process. Wait 20 minutes before you eat breakfast or other drinks, because when the time is less than 20 minutes, the benefits generated less than optimal.

Sports at 5 am less useful because of low body temperature and muscular yet still hot. Exercise at 7 am. At this hour the body produces the hormone serotonin, which improve mood. Bask in the sun in the morning can increase the production of this hormone.

Our bodies are in optimal conditions 3 hours after waking. At that time, blood was running down the body to perfection so that all the substances the body needs can be met properly.


Other Body Biological Clock
When appropriate for skin care is at 16.00 because at that body in the most high temperature so that the pores open and nutrients absorbed perfect.

At 17:00 the body in peak condition in pain, so right when you want to the dentist or the syringe.

18.00 is a good time to exercise, because the power and flexibility of body condition peak preformance. Glycogen content is due at that time in the body quite a lot. Glycogen is stored carbohydrate in the form of glucose in the body that serves as a source of energy.

Therefore, recognize the body's biological clock and keep your body well to keep your body fit.


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