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Overweight or obesity can be caused by hereditary genetic alias. It also can be caused by lifestyle such as diet that is not true. Factors causing obesity due to genetic factors can not possibly be avoided, but we can still change our lifestyle towards a more healthy to avoid obesity. How, consider the following easy tips.

Breakfast every morning
You should never ever skip breakfast because breakfast is useful for the body to get energy. The energy from the food will be used the body after a night on an empty stomach. If this is not met, then the body will experience hunger are more powerful that serving lunch we will be more than the amount we need.

Eating healthy food
Healthy foods that include fresh fruits and vegetables that contain fiber. Fiber will help reduce the absorption of fat and also lowers the risk of coronary heart disease.

regular exercise
Exercise will speed up the process of burning fat in our body. In addition, with regular exercise, our bodies will also be more fit.


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